Saturday, July 22, 2017

6th Year: In Review

Six years? Is that right? 

Well, we've had a pretty fantastic year! We've kept good on our goal to do more international travel. We've also tried to do longer trips to maximize time in our favorite places instead of jumping on flights for just the weekend. We've been really watching airfare deals (i.e. Hong Kong) as well, so not all of this travel was free. Here's our breakdown, month by month.

July: I went to visit my cousins in Portland, OR! We had a great time catching up and exploring here.

August: Quick trip to Austin to visit friends/attend a work conference & weekend in Oklahoma City with friends

September: Road trip to New Orleans with Indy! This was SO fun and I'm glad we got to include our pup.

October: Weekend trip to St. Louis to see my grandpa and family. 

November: Broken Bow for our anniversary trip, Fredericksberg for a Bachelorette Weekend & our 4 day whirlwind in London! November was BUSY!

December: Comfort, TX for a beautiful wedding!

February: Quick trip for me to visit my grandpa in Albuquerque.

March: San Juan Islands & Seattle. SUCH a fun trip. This will definitely be repeated in the future.

April: Austin wedding weekend!

May: Hong Kong trip & Atlanta for a work conference.

June: Austin for a weekend with friends & Portland for a celebration and family reunion.

In the next year, we have plans to:

Roadtrip through England - London, Cotswolds, Cornwall, Dorset and Stonehenge, ending with a few days Innsbruck, Austria
Rent a place in Russian River Valley with our favorite people
Have a long weekend in Barcelona, Spain over Thanksgiving
Return to Tulum for my birthday celebration
Visit my grandpa in Albuquerque, NM
Make an epic return to Japan - Tokyo, Osaka and a road trip through Kyushu

As you can see, we're taking longer trips but less of them. We know our favorite places now and just want to keep returning and exploring them more! Jason's perks from Southwest are definitely still coming into play, but we're using the points he earns (and wins!) to book our travel instead of flying non-rev all the time. We're also playing the credit card game and intentionally organizing our expenses to be able to use points for business class award travel - we've been so spoiled lately!

As always, THANK YOU Southwest!

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