Monday, January 2, 2017

Looking Forward: 2017

2016 was a year full of international travel: Bali for my big 3-0, Tulum for Jason's birthday, Ireland and London. We started the year with some downs (mainly Tahoe and annoyances in Bali), but more than made up for it from February on with some amazing trips. 

We had such a great time exploring Russian River with our best travel pals, eating our way through Boston, having a cousin catch-up in Portland, going on a doggie trip to New Orleans and taking a quick trip to St. Louis to visit family. It was also great to visit Texas Hill Country a few times for a bachelorette and a wedding!

Overall, 2016 was great to us and we're well underway with the planning for 2017. We're hoping to make our annual trip out to Northern California wine country, visit the San Juan Islands, and head back to Portland for family wedding festivities! If we're lucky, we might be able to fit in a few weekends trips around the US as well.

For our "big trips", we jumped on a CRAZY deal to Hong Kong in April and we will also be heading back to England to explore more of the countryside (The Cotswolds, Cornwall, Dorset) and spend a few days in London in August. At the end of that trip, we'll head to Innsbruck, Austria for a few days of alpine adventure!

We never stop being thankful for this incredible opportunity to travel, explore and expand our thinking. We are truly better people for the experience. Thanks SWA!

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