Sunday, July 10, 2016

Boston, MA

The beginning and end of our Ireland trip put us in Boston. We arrived around noon and had plans to take a quick water taxi to the City. It was pretty simple to catch a bus to the ferry terminal. We chose Rowe's Wharf because they store your luggage for you until your return trip. Well - it was definitely different than we were expecting! There were 4 of us on this tiny little boat, getting sprayed by the waves of passing ferries. 

The boat dropped us off close to the North End. We asked our boat driver's advice on where to grab some lunch and he directed us to the Black Rose, near Quincy Market. It was a great suggestion - our lobster roll and clam chowder were delicious!

After lunch, we found our way along the freedom trail to see Paul Revere's house and - most importantly - stop at Mike's Pastry! Our friends had brought back some canollis for us a while back, so we wanted to grab a few for our trip. The line was long, but moved quickly. I got the espresso cannoli and Jason had the chocolate chip. Both were AMAZING, but mine had a slight edge. I don't think you can go wrong through. Just remember, CASH ONLY! 

We wandered back through Columbus square and took the water taxi back to the terminal to catch our flight to Shannon.

On our flight back back from Dublin, we had one more night in Boston. When we arrived a little after noon, we caught a quick taxi ride into the City. We immediately dropped of our stuff at the nearby Courtyard Marriott Downtown and set off to wander around Boston Commons, the Public Gardens and the cute shops and alleys of Beacon Hill. We missed looking around in Trinity Church due to a wedding taking place - next time!

That evening, we took it easy, grabbing a quick dinner and settling in to watch Game of Thrones. Our flight out was at 8am the next morning, so it was an early night for us.

Boston was adorable. We had fun wandering around and exploring in the short time we had. In the initial planning stages, we were supposed to have one more day in Boston to explore Harvard and more of the North End, but due to the fact that we were flying on positive space tickets, Aer Lingus asked us to move our Ireland flight back by a day - shucks! (We added Cork & a few more activities in Dublin to our itinerary because of this.) Boston is a bit easier for us to get to than Ireland, so I feel confident that we'll be back to explore in more depth next time.

Up Next: I'll be heading to Portland for a cousin reunion here in a few weeks! Can't wait for a little dose of the Pacific Northwest.

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