Monday, December 14, 2015

Luquillo Beach & El Yunque {Puerto Rico, Part 2}

Before heading off to the rainforest - El Yunque, we had breakfast at Caficultura in Old San Juan - our new favorite place. Jason had banana pancakes with rum and I had a delicious BELT with a cortadito! Yum!

 Once we arrived at El Yunque, we kept driving past all the sites we'd already explore before - La Mina Falls, La Coca Falls, etc. and drove to the trailhead for the the Monte Britton Trail. After a moderate hike straight up hill, (Fitbit calculated over 100 floors this day!) we reached the tower. We could see both sides of the island from this point, which was pretty incredible!

For lunch, we went to Kioskos de Luquillo. It was fun to walk the kiosks - we'd tried the ceviche hut before and it was quite delicious, but we were perfectly content with the fried deliciousness of empanadas (chicken and crab) and cans of ice-cold Medalla light for less than $10.

We came back that evening and had a wonderful dinner at El Jibarito in Old San Juan. Somehow we ended up going on the night that the Christmas lights were turned on, so we got treated to a fun musical performance and Christmas presentation of sorts. Walking back to our hotel that night, we ran across another musical performance in front of the local university. Back at our hotel, we headed to the rooftop and had a drink. We could hear a fun discoteque - Nuyorican - playing music in the alley below us.

Up Next: More of Old San Juan!

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