Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Culebra & Culebrita Islands {Puerto Rico, Part 1}

This was actually our second Thanksgiving spent in Puerto Rico. And since it's happened two times, it's basically a tradition, right? 

We caught a flight out from Houston on Wednesday. We got in, grabbed a rental car and drove to Gran Melia - our home for the night. That night, we were able to take a dip in the ridiculous pool and sip some wine under the stars.

At the top of our list for this trip was to take a snorkel trip to Culebra Island. While technically a part of Puerto Rico, the island is actually closer to the British Virgin Islands. We booked our trip through East Island Puerto Rico - the same company we had used to do our Bio-luminescent Bay tour a few years ago. It was about a 45 minute boat ride over via high-speed catamaran to Tamarindo Bay where we snorkeled in the water for around an hour. We also had lunch here. It was a great spread (including rum drinks - so many rum drinks!)

We then moved on to our beach stop at Culebrita. The original plan was to go to Flamenco Beach, but due to the swells, we made our stop here - and are we glad we did!! Playa Tortuga was completely unspoiled. There was no electricity, running water or buildings of any kind on this tiny island off the coast of Culebra. We swam in the crystal clear water and took in the tranquility of it all. It was honestly the best beach we've ever been to. Around 3, we headed back to the marina.

It was a truly great day and all we have to do is say "Culebrita" to bring us right back to that mental place.

Up Next: Our trip into the rainforest - El Yunque!

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