Sunday, October 4, 2015

Amalfi Coast {Italy, Part 4}

The Amalfi Coast started off in a truly terrible way. The bus ride with the twists and turns was NOT fun. Luckily we had splurged a little to stay at Grand Hotel Tritone. When we arrived - green in face - at 10pm, they didn't even bat an eye. It's a pretty common occurrence, or so we were told.

Since we had arrived in the dark, we work up the next morning to something truly amazing. The view from breakfast was just incredible! We took it easy that day, heading straight down the cliff to the hotel's private pool/beach area and drinking aperol spritzes until we forgot how we arrived. 

We rented a scooter that afternoon and drove about 10 minutes into Positano. We were able to walk climb the whole town before dinner. Gosh, it is just so cute. I always feel like I associate places with scents, and for me, Positano is laundry detergent and lemons with the occasional engine fumes from the motorcycles speeding by. 

We were able to catch a shuttle up to Fattoria La Tagliata for dinner. This was an all-inclusive family-style meal for 35 Euros/person. The portions were WAY too much, but we got to try many traditional Italian foods while taking in a pretty incredible sunset.

One of the best things we did was ride our scooter in the evening all the way to Amalfi and back. We were zooming in and out of cars and chasing the sunset. We tried not to think about the cliffs dropping off next to us and just enjoyed the views.

Over the next few days, we did more of the same - relaxing at the beach, renting a kayak, swimming in the crystal blue water. The Amalfi Coast was Jason's favorite part of the trip and I think it's easy to see why! We will definitely be back! I want to hike the Path of the Gods and spend some more time in perfect Positano.

The last morning, we had time to eat breakfast and then it was time to catch the dreaded SITA bus to head back to Rome (via Sorrento and Naples). This travel experience ended up much better than the last, but Jason was still affected. That drive is rough people!

Next up: My favorite part of the trip - ROME!

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