Thursday, June 5, 2014

San Ignacio, Belize {Part 2}

Our last day in Belize, we did a 1/2 day tour to Barton Creek Cave. This is a Mayan cave system that is only accessible by canoe. We were basically paddled along the mile long creek, so it wasn't the most entertaining. According to our guide, there were over 20 skeletons on ledges above us, but we weren't able to access them. Since we were on a private tour, we did get to go through some pretty low stalactites, so that was fun. Compared to the ATM caves, it was honestly a let down. We did get to take pictures here though!

Getting to know our guide paid off as well - we were able to bring a few illegally imported Guatemalan beers into the cave with us! Apparently Belikin (Belize's beer) has a monopoly on the beer industry here. While it was good, it definitely didn't compare to the Guatemalan stuff!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at our hotel. Ka' Ana is a small resort that was definitely outside of the norm for us. We're so glad we splurged a little to stay here! We had breakfast delivered daily to our room, tours completely arranged for us, turn-down service (complete with tasty treats), yummy food/cocktails and amazing service. The resort area was beautiful as well.  I would obviously recommend it to everyone!

The next morning, we caught a 30 minute flight from Maya Flats Airstrip to Belize's international airport in a 4-seater plane! It's a good thing we're not claustrophobic or afraid of flying/heights! After a quick wait at the airport and a super delicious breakfast, we were confirmed (and upgraded to exit row!) for our quick flight back to Houston.

Honestly? Belize was probably the perfect mix for Jason's and my vacation tastes. The active/cultural experiences were amazing and even found on the same excursions. I can't say enough good things - the people were amazing, the sites were amazing, the food was amazing.

As always, thanks SWA (and United) for letting us fly there for cheap!

Up Next: We're looking forward to a 
getaway within Texas and hopefully a trip to Sonoma Valley and/or New Orleans to finish out the summer.

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