Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cruise: St. Maarten

Time to jump back onto our cruise recaps! Without further ado, Stop 3!

This day started off being a little disappointing. We had originally scheduled a full day of snorkeling, hiking and kayaking directly through Royal Caribbean. We received a notice the night before that something was wrong with the boat we were going to take and that the tour was cancelled. This left us in a bit of a bind as we couldn't schedule anything else to occupy our day since all of the good tours were already booked. Boo!

St. Maarten/St. Martin is half Dutch, half French. We ended up at a beach on the Dutch side and it was stunningly beautiful. We spent the day just swimming around and laying out. Not necessarily our style, but it was nice to just relax for a day. The only bad thing was that it was off-season, so most of the bars were closed.

The water was insane - we could clearly see the bottom that was more than 10 feet away.

That night was the second formal night, so we got all dressed up again. Oh I miss that tan...



St. Maarten was a beautiful place that I wish we had gotten to explore more. Next time!

Up Next: Antigua

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