Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cruise: St. Lucia

Continuing on with our Southern Caribbean cruise recap (before we leave for our *Surprise Trip*)...our next stop was St. Lucia!

Our excursion here was similar to the one we did in Barbados - we took a catamaran out and did a coastal tour. Our first stop was Margot Bay, where we stopped at a little beach. We drank Piton beer and swam around here. I'm not the biggest water person, but this water was stunning and impossible to dislike.


We had fun drinking and dancing on our boat as we navigated along the coast. The focal point of our tour was seeing the famous Pitons. Apparently it's pretty common for people to try climb to the top of these. This may be something we attempt if we ever go back here!

We got to know the boat captain during our cruise and he offered to take us to their docking point in Rodney Bay after everyone from the tour disembarked. This was amazing as we ended up getting a tour that was basically 2 extra hours just for talking to the crew.

Once we got off, we grabbed lunch at a little local place and caught a "bus" back to the docks. This is generous as it was basically a van with a bunch of removable seats. It was a nice way to meet some locals and way cheaper than a taxi.

That night, we got to eat dinner as we sailed along to our next port - St. Maarten!

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