Monday, May 6, 2013

Bangkok, Thailand {Part 2}

Our next day in Bangkok, we started by taking a ferry across the river to visit Wat Arun. This is also known as the Temple of Dawn. We climbed to the top of this temple and were rewarded with some amazing views of Bangkok.


After this, we decided to head to the mall. It sounds lame maybe, but little shopping was done. We mainly went there so we could experience a 4D movie! There was only one option, Oblivion, so that's what we saw. You got to select your seats ahead of time and come back when the movie started. These shows sold out quick, so we had to wait around for a while before ours started. What an amazing experience. The seats shook you around - even throwing you forward to match with the scenes in the movie. There were wind, light, SMELL and smoke effects, moisture blown on you, things that poked to in the back...crazy awesome. It was expensive by Thailand standards ($15/person), but that is totally normal for us here in Dallas.

Somewhere between the tickets being bought and us going to get food while waiting for it to start, my credit card and driver's license had fallen out of our money pouch. Needless to say, that ruined part of the afternoon. We searched our path, but couldn't find it. I finally suggested going to the information desk where they ended up having my card...WHAT? I was kind of floored to be honest. Some amazing person turned it in. No driver's license though...

We went to watch the movie and after we got out, we figured we'd give it another shot. Guess what? They had my driver's license too. WOW, Thai people are amazing. Jason was equally as grateful since he was technically the one who lost both. My mom always says I have a lucky star hanging over my head - she just might be right!

Well, we had made it the whole day without getting wet. We even got on and off the metro rail unscathed. That is, until we walked on the street to our hotel. There were people with water buckets everywhere and they were prepared for us. Jason had a water bottle to fight back with, but I think we lost that round. Totally soaked but laughing was how we ended day 2.

The next morning, we had a flight really early out of a smaller airport in Bangkok. As we were checking out, we asked to have a taxi to take us to DMK airport. Our hotel called down and told us it would be waiting. We walked down, they said "airport", we said "DMK", "yes yes" and we were off. Problem: 15 minutes in, I see signs for the big airport - BKK. So I tell the cab driver, point to a map (which we will always do from now on) and then he proceeds to backtrack to where we came from. Then, in the middle of a downpour, he pulls over and tells us we have to take another cab because he is tired and "must rest". I make him hail us another cab before he leaves, but now we are starting to get close to that 1 hour check-in mark. After a 30 min stress-filled cab ride, we make it to the airport as they are doing last call. Once we checked in, we then had to run the entire length of the airport to our gate. Somehow we made it! Christy's luck part 2?

Thankfully, this stressful morning was followed by 4 days in Koh Samui, Thailand - up next!

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