Friday, October 12, 2012

Geneva and Montreux, Switzerland

Day 7: We left Beaune very early and took at train to Geneva.

Geneva wins the award for: Most Expensive Hotels, Most Boring (ouch)

We got in, checked into our hotel and then wandered around the city center for a while. We ate lunch at a little pizza place on the lake. John and Mallory had a ridiculous room, so we ended up drinking some wine on their balcony prior to going to a "traditional" Swiss fondue place. We filled up on bread, french fries, cheese, and beef and listened to the live band - complete with accordion! It was totally kitschy, but still cute.

Geneva's famous water fountain

The band had an accordion and even yodeled!

Stinky cheese, mmm!
Day 8: Our original plan to go canyoning failed - we were too late in the season and a little too far away. We decided to make the best of the day and go hike the Lavaux vineyards (A UNESCO world heritage site). I cannot describe how amazing it was to hike along vineyards that have been there since the Benedictine monks developed them in the 11th century.
We started our journey in Chexbres Village and made our way to Vevey. Around 20 kms of up and down hill paths later, Jason and I were EXHAUSTED!
Map of the Lavaux vineyards
STUNNING Lake Geneva as the backdrop

Me and the vineyards


Jason stole some grapes :) They were delicious!
After this, we hopped on a quick train to check out Chateau de Chillon - an old medieval castle. It was important because it was at the crossroads of a major trade route from England and France to Rome. It was always been occupied, therefore, it is beautifully preserved.
Chateau de Chillon

The prison - literally built on the rocks of the island.

Right above the lake!

Dancing in the ballroom

I was the perfect size for the castle - these people were SHORT!

Walkway connecting sections
Overall, while we cannot claim to be the biggest Geneva fans (just not a ton to do there), we are definitely huge Switzerland fans! We're planning a trip back to do the more adventurous stuff in the summertime. Innsbruck and Interlaken - here we come!
Up Next: Budapest, Hungary!

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