Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boston...no wait, Denver!

As is evident in my last post, our travel didn't go QUITE as planned. I am in Chicago for work right now, so I had a flight booked from Chicago to Boston - a guaranteed seat! Should have been a piece of cake. That is, until American decided to cancel all flights into Boston. I wouldn't have been able to leave until 10PM the NEXT DAY. Wah! I called Jason frantically asking him to get me anywhere the next morning. After a crazy cab line and 2 hours of sleep at a hotel next to Midway airport, I jumped on a SWA flight to Denver (sans baggage - that was in Boston).

The cab line extended to the end of the terminal then wrapped back around...

Once Jason arrived and saved the day with a change of clothes, we went exploring Denver. We walked around Wash Park, ate dinner at a sushi place called Japon, and then went home. I still didn't have my baggage, so we also made a pit stop at Target for some essentials.

After MANY calls to American's baggage services, my bag finally arrived on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, since my camera was in my checked bag, the only photos I have are from my iPhone. We didn't want to wait around, so we drove to Rocky Mountain National Park early Saturday morning. One thing I love about Colorado is that everyone is so outdoorsy. While I've said the same thing about Arizona, Colorado is more "our scene". On our drive, we literally saw hundreds of bikers - so cool! We did a fair amount of hiking in the park since a lot of the trails were still closed for the winter season. In some places, there was literally a foot of snow on the ground! We hiked to Chasm Falls and then also around Bear Lake.

We also made a drive around CU's campus in Boulder. It was so beautiful! For those of you that know Jason, you know that he's always wanted to teach. He could see himself teaching here down the road and I could definitely see myself living there!

That night, we treated ourselves to a nice dinner at Denver Chophouse and Brewery. It was AMAZING! Everything we had was delicious, but my favorite thing was the (free) cornbread. Mmm!

All travel blunders aside, we had a great time in the short time we had there. Denver was a fun city that I definitely want to go back to. Jason has never been skiing, so I'm sure a trip back is in our immediate future. Barring any more unfortunate American Airlines events, we will be in Seattle in a week and a half. Look for another post then!
Thanks for reading and thanks SWA!

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