Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The World is our Oyster

I think one of my favorite things in the world is researching travel. It seriously makes me so happy! I guess I love all the potential that it has. We have a few weeks before we do any real traveling, but we’re starting to plan out our trips. I’ve taken off 4 Fridays from work through April so far, so travel plans are brewing! Jason gets to work 9-80s and get every other Friday off.  I think we feel like this benefit is just too good to last, so we’re trying to take advantage of it now. During all this time, I’m training for a 10k that I’ll be running in February, so that’ll be interesting!
We will for sure be making a trip to Phoenix, AZ in a few weeks. The warm weather is definitely the main draw for us. I would absolutely love to go to the Grand Canyon while we’re there, but it’s a bit of a drive (around 3 hours each way). Also on our radar is a night ride through the Sonoran desert in an open-air Hummer. Of course, I want a lot of quality time just exploring the city and eating some great food. Maybe I could even convince Jason to go running with me along some of the trails in Phoenix?
For the remainder of the Winter/Spring, we would love to visit some of the following places: Seattle, Orlando (Wizarding World of Harry Potter!), Washington D.C., Taos and Minneapolis (to visit a friend who recently moved up there). 
We’re also planning 1 BIG trip. We’ll see where life takes us, but we’re hoping to go somewhere amazing. Another awesome thing about SWA is that they are partners with so many other airlines. That means we can also fly on these airlines, not for free, but for super cheap! We’re going to do this for sure, whether we go to Thailand, Europe or Australia. Who knows?
The crazy thing about this travel is that we could be at the airport and a flight is full, so we just jump on a plane to anywhere else. It will definitely make packing interesting!
If you have any travel suggestions for us, please let us know! Places to visit, places to eat, things to do…all is welcomed!

Here are some pictures from our Southern Carribean cruise in September to tide you over!

At La Mina Falls

Us and the famous Pitons of St. Lucia

Our wonderful travel companions (

Snokeling with sea turtles - coolest thing EVER!

Hanging out at the beach in Barbados

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  1. “To travel is to live.”
    ― Hans Christian Andersen