About Us

Hi, I'm Christy! My husband works for Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines (or SWA...as in ThanksSWA!) is an amazing company that allows us to fly for free domestically. When we're feeling lucky, we even fly standby internationally! We also strategically plan our credit card expenses to book some amazing international trips. Between all of these, we try to make the most of our limited vacation days and minimize our expenses. 

Our travel style: get active, eat authentic local food, and drink in pretty places.

 Basically, we're just a normal couple working the 8-5, who has made traveling and exploring this world our top priority. We've visited 30+ countries (and countless cities) and we have no plans to slow down. So whether you're new to the 'non-rev' world or just want to tag along for some of the amazing places we travel, follow along!

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