Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Legian, Bali

We spent 3 days in Legian. The majority of our days were some mix of sunbathing at the hotel, getting massages, eating some amazing meals and working out in the gym. It was a really lovely time and all we could ask for for our last few days in Bali.

Once evening, we caught a cab ($3 - gotta love Asia!) to La Plancha Beach Club for sunset drinks. The atmosphere at this place was electric. We loved sipping cocktails, relaxing in bean bag chairs and watching the sunset with music pumping in our veins. We followed this up with a fancy dinner at Mama-San.

Every morning started with a complimentary breakfast, complete with freshly squeezed juices, ice cream, 4 types of yogurt, waffles, pastries, pho, dumplings, etc...It was quite ridiculous honestly.

We hired a driver on our last full day to take us on an evening tour to Uluwatu Temple and Jimbaran Beach. The monkeys at Uluwatu Temple were MUCH more aggressive than the ones we had seen at the Monkey Forest in Ubud. We even saw one steal a flip flop off of a little girl's foot! We stayed vigilant, but I think I was still able to get some great shots of some of the residents.

We finished our night at Lia's Cafe on Jimbaran Beach. We had some shrimp and fish that Jason selected and washed it down with a few Bintang beers. 

Dinner was really delicious and I was super happy with our last night - until I woke up at 4am with Bali Belly. No details necessary except to say that our last day didn't go quite as planned. Luckily our plane didn't leave until 9:45pm and I was feeling much better by then. Thus began our 30 hour journey home.

All of the END of the trip aside, Bali was amazing. We love Asia because you can get so much for so little. We spent less on this trip (with confirmed airline seats) than we do on other trips where we nonrev! Like I've said before, Balinese people are some of the friendliest we've met on our travels. The food was incredibly delicious. The landscape and natural beauty is unrivaled. I just wish is wasn't so dang far away! Definitely jealous of the Australians who have this place in their backyard.

You can count on us going back to Bali in our lifetimes. Ubud has a special place in my heart and I would love to get to explore more of the Northern end of this beautiful island.

Next up: Our recap from a wonderful weekend in Tulum!

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