Monday, September 21, 2015

Montalcino & Chianti {Italy, Part 2}

We primarily rented a car (loved our little green panda!) so that we were able to drive through Tuscany. We were able to see some of the most beautiful hills in the Val d'Orcia on the way to Montalcino. This town is known for amazing porchetta and Brunello wine. Oh Brunello wine. We stopped in at the Enoteca in the Fortezza in town and did a tasting outside. We were literally tasting $100 bottles of was amazing.

Afterwards, we walked around town, stopping for lunch at Taverna del Grappolo Blu. It was a yummy little lunch with the best bruschetta of our trip - delicious! That night, we headed back to Montepulicano for the Bravio delle Botti, which is covered in my last post.

The next morning, we started our northern journey past Siena and on to Chianti. We had a lovely tasting at Dievole and would honestly love to stay here next time. The grounds were so lovely! We bought a few bottles for the road and kept driving north.

We stopped at Enoteca Falorni in Greve in Chianti for some more wine tasting and a light lunch. (We had big plans for dinner.) This place was awesome and had hundreds of wine on tap. You received a card which tallied up your fees. You could get a sip of most anything for less than a euro, but if you wanted more, and of the fancier wines, it could range up to 50/glass! Our tab was much smaller - around 30 Euros for wine and a cheese/meat plate.

Afterwards, we went to our hotel, Relais Fattoria Valle, and hung out by the pool until it was time to get ready for the main event.  This place was pretty awesome, but we just didn't get enough time to enjoy it. We based ourselves in Panzano in Chianti for one reason - L'Officina Della Bistecca!

This meal was basically one huge party. We met people from all over the world (shout out to Dougie and Penelope from London!) that were there to experience the genius that is Dario Cecchini. For 50 Euro/person, we had course upon wonderful course of meat, vegetables and wine. You definitely can't forget the wine! It was truly every meat-eater's dream. As we staggered home at the end of the night, we were extremely glad we had rented close by.

Up next: Not nearly enough time in Florence!

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