Monday, May 11, 2015

San Diego, CA

I was super excited that my annual conference was being held in San Diego this year. Jason and I made a trip a little over a year ago and we really loved it! This time, I didn't have a car, so I kept my explorations to the Mission Bay/Beach area. 

San Diego is a place I could totally see Jason and I living. 1. We both love California (although I prefer Northern). 2. The weather is perfect. 3. Indy would love the beach and outside activities we could do! 

Saturday I arrived in the morning, grabbed an acai bowl (Pacific Beach mix) at Rum Jungle and went straight to Mission Beach! I wandered up and down the boardwalk for hours and grabbed a delicious build-your-own ice cream/cookie sandwich at Baked Bear. Once I got tired, I headed back to the Catamaran Hotel and laid at the pool with my kindle. I grabbed a quick and delicious dinner at La Playa Tacos right next to the hotel and hit the (outdoor) gym. It was the perfect kind of day!

Sunday, I had a conference session, but got a chance to explore at night. For dinner, I went to World Famous. It wouldn't have been my first choice (as I went with a coworker), but it was pretty good and the view was hard to beat! I was obsessed with the outdoor gym, so I had to head back for more that night!

Monday, I had a conference again, but I got a chance to hit the beach during breaks. At night, we had a luau on the beach and a Mission Bay Boat ride on the Bahia Belle.  The boat ride ended up being kind of lame, but it was nice to get out on the water.

Tuesday wasn't a ton of fun as I worked out in the morning, had the conference and then had to head home that night. Not getting back until after midnight and having to work the next day? I'm STILL exhausted!!

Overall, it was a fun trip and it's safe to say that I LOVE CALIFORNIA! Southwest, can you move your HDQs there? Please and thanks!

Next up: We have a few more trips around Texas planned - Houston, College Station and Fredericksburg...but no more flying until August when we (hopefully) go to Scotland!

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