Monday, October 6, 2014

Tokyo, Japan {Part 2}

On our second (really third) day in Tokyo, we were still waking up extra early due to the time difference, so we took advantage. We headed to the Tsukiji Fish Market at 5 am. 

It was amazing to see all of the different types of fish, but even MORE amazing to try them! We ate a few different things there, but our favorite was a tuna sampler from a Sushizanmai. AMAZING. Best sushi of our lives without question.

After that, we headed north to the Asakusa Area to see Senso-ji. At all temples there is a box where you shake out a numbered stick. You match the number to a box and pull out a fortune. I ended up getting a bad one, so in a picture below, you can see me tying it to a stand to get rid of it. That's the point at least!


Afterwards, we headed to the Imperial Palace and ended up taking a lovely (NOT) 5km walk around 1/2 of the outside before we gave up on finding the entrance. Whoops. We headed to Shinjuku Station for an attempt at finding LaDuree. We fared MUCH better! We weren't feeling too guilty about all the snacks due to the fact that were were easily walking 10 miles a day. Ouch!

A lot of the big (11-12 stories!) shopping malls are at the train stations. The basement usually has a grocery store (good for cheap eats) and the top floor is usually filled with restaurants. Just walking around this place was a cultural experience. It was definitely evident that people in Tokyo are some of the most fashionable in the world. 

To be honest, Tokyo was great, but overwhelming in every sense. We were happy to head south to spend 5 days in peaceful Kyoto - up next!

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