Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One Day in New Orleans, LA

I've been to New Orleans a few times, but Jason had never made the trip. It's only a 1 hour flight from Dallas, so it made for a really easy weekend.

We arrived first thing Saturday morning, dropped our bags at our hotel and headed straight to CafĂ© du Monde for some beignets and frozen chicory coffee. We were in sugary heaven! (Note: it's a cash-only establishment.)

I think this face means he likes them?

French Quarter &
Jackson Square were next. When something seemed interesting, we popped into a shop or peaked into courtyard to listen to live music. We honestly spent hours just walking. According to my fitbit, we walked over SEVEN miles this day.

We grabbed a yummy lunch at Central Grocery - the maker of the original muffuletta. Wow, it was absolutely delicious. We inhaled that sandwich!

Next, we had to grab a drink on Bourbon Street! We ended up sharing a hand grenade at Tropical Isle and made friends with a Texas couple and a bachelorette party. We heard a bit of a commotion on Bourbon, looked out, and noticed a NAKED bicycle brigade of probably a hundred people. Wow, only here! That link is to an article about the ride.

After our drink (and some cherry bombs), we set off to find a place to watch the World Cup game. We ended up grabbing a few drinks at Ryan's Irish Pub...Viva L'Italia!

We ate dinner at Pierre Maspero's, but no pictures because...well, a few too many drinks were had and I forgot. The French Onion soup was delicious though!

The next morning, we woke up and grabbed an early flight to Houston. After a few hours of being stuck, we finally made it back to Dallas. Traveling in the summer is just a bad idea...lesson learned!

Our trip was short, but sweet. I had been bugging Jason for ages to go and I'm glad we finally made the trip. New Orleans has a certain charm and I'm sure we'll be back. This just goes to show that even in one day, you can make some great memories!

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