Monday, December 9, 2013

Amsterdam {Day 2}

Amsterdam is a fairly small city, so we found that walking was always the easiest way to get around. All the locals have bikes through and we were constantly having to move (or jump) out of the way!

Day 2 started by walking over to Bazar Amsterdam - a North African restaurant. This was in an old converted church, but the d├ęcor screamed Moroccan. It was delicious and a good stop between our canal house and the Van Gogh museum.

We wandered around the markets before we made our way to Museumplein.

The Van Gogh Museum was the perfect kind - small, but full of great pieces of art. I liked hearing his story and following along with his artistic progression. I realized why I love his work - his pieces jump off the page by both his use of contrasting colors and his painting technique.

This was one of our favorites, so we got a print and some playing cards of this guy!

That night, we went to Pulitzer Bar in the Nine Streets for drinks. This bar was in the Pulitzer Hotel, which was used as a filming location for Ocean's 12. I might need to go back and watch that movie again now!

After drinks, we went to de Struisvogel for dinner. This restaurant was on our street and served a 3 course dinner for 25 Euro! The restaurant was very cozy and the food was great. I'm still dreaming about my pumpkin soup.

Up Next: Our last day in Amsterdam!

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