Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paris {Days 3 - 5}

As you can see, our days were packed...here is the rest of the Paris portion of our trip!

Day 3: Wednesday, we climbed to the top of the Notre Dame (and convinced Mallory to for the second time) and went to Sainte Chappelle (stunningly gorgeous). This stained-glass masterpiece was originally commissioned to hold the Crown of Thorns - which is now housed at the Notre Dame. After that, we walked to the island in the middle of the Seine - Île Saint-Louis, where I had one of the best meals of life...Eggs Benedict. Jason got the Croque Madam (Croque Monsieur with a sunny-side up egg). We ALSO went to the Louvre today. We hit all of the major highlights and thankfully it wasn't even that busy. We definitely didn't see everything there is to see, but I think that might be impossible in 1/2 of a day. The night ended at FISH - where we ate...you guessed it, fish!

Back of the Notre Dame

At the top of the Notre Dame

At the top of the Notre Dame

Eggs Benedict at St. Regis

Eating Berthillon ice cream on Ile Saint Louis

Inside Saint Chappelle


Me and the Venus de Milo

Day 4: Thursday, we went to the Château de Versailles. I will discuss this day in the next blog post...there was too much to see to fit it in here. We ended the night at a tapas place with John and Mallory. Since I had never seen the Avenue des Champs-Élysées or the Arc de Triomphe, Jason and I grabbed the metro and caught a glimpse at night.

Arc at night

Day 5: Friday, we visited the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. This was Jason's favorite place when he went to Paris for work a few years ago. So, I realized that I forgot to mention that part - Jason's already been to Paris. He went for a week during his E&Y days and got the chance to explore after work. His opinion was...less than stellar last time, but we kind of got to the heart of that issue one night when he mentioned that he mainly ate with his coworkers on the Champs-Élysées...super touristy and probably not the most friendly either! After this, we stopped by the Galleries Lafayette, which is the best department store ever!

Sacre Coeur

Us and Paris!

Galleries Lafayette - 10 stories of shopping magic

So after everything you have read, I have something to confess. I have to say that Paris didn't capture my heart. I know, WHAT? I loved every minute that we spent there - there is SO much to do and see. I love all of the history the city has. The food was divine. Everywhere you walk is beautiful. I just didn't get butterflies. Neither did Jason. Maybe it was all of the build up. EVERYONE falls in love with Paris, so I just figured I would too. We really did have a GREAT time though...special thanks goes out to John and Mallory for hosting us and showing us around!

Here's a link to their blog if you want to follow along with their ex-pat life:

This ends our time in Paris - after catching a quick pic in front of the Eiffel Tower, we packed up and caught a train to Beaune, France for a weekend in the Burgundy wine country...

Up Next: Our Day in Versailles

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