Friday, September 28, 2012

Paris {Days 1 - 2}

Well hello all! We've been on a blogging hiatus since we've been traveling around Europe for the past 2 1/2 weeks. Much fun was had, but honestly, we're very glad to be home. Jason is happiest to have access to ice water and I'm happiest to see my pup! Without further ado - our epic European vacation!

Paris wins the award for: Most Expensive, Best Desserts

Day 1: We started our trip to Europe with a little change of plans (of course), but we made it to Paris after a brief layover in Frankfurt, Germany. We flew in a Lufthansa A380 (double-decker awesomeness) and we were BLOWN AWAY by the service. Free wine, liquor, aperitifs? No problem! There were also 2 full meals and endless choices of movies to watch! Honestly, I couldn't recommend them highly enough! (That, and they have an awesome service agreement with Southwest that made our tickets about $250 for both of us to get there.)

Mallory met us at the airport and helped us navigate our way back to Chateau de Lineberger. We took a much needed nap and ventured out to explore a little. We walked along the Seine River and crossed the Lovers Bridge (Real name? No idea.). Couples will put their padlock onto bridge and throw the key into the Seine to symbolize their eternal love. Not sure I completely understand this tradition, but it's sweet regardless. I feel like I've seen this in Florence and the Cinque Terre as well?

Lover's Bridge

All of the locks

After our little walk around the Latin Quarter, we met up with Mallory to have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower while it *sparkled*. It started to rain, but we relocated under a tree and kept the party going! Can't go wrong with some French bread, charcuterie, cheese, and wine...Mmm!

Our picnic :)

            *Sparkling*                                               After the rainshower

Day 2: I started the next day with a pain au chocolat (I could eat this every day of my life) and then we ventured out to the Musee D'Orsay where I fell in love with Degas and his ballerinas. We stopped by the Notre Dame crypts-which were more like ruins of the old church below. Lunch was had at a little crepe place that caused Jason to completely change his mind about crepes. We had savory crepes, not the nutella/banana kind that you normally think of. We stopped by La Duree for the best macaroons of my life (green apple and lemon were my favs) and a pistachio eclair. For dinner, we met up with John (who had just gotten back from London for work) and had flammekueche (really thin pizza) and beer at one of their favorite local places. What a great end to our second day in Paris!

From Musee D'Orsay

Musee D'Orsay - one of the few places pictures were allowed

Crepes and cider for lunch

 Notre Dame in the rain

Notre Dame

Inside Notre Dame

After re-reading this, it's awesome how much I focused on the food. Yes, we essentially ate and drank our way through Europe :) Seriously though, meals just take a lot longer in Europe and occupy a large part of your day. 

Coming up next - Museums and Churches and MORE FOOD! Paris, Days 3-5!