Friday, May 4, 2012

Ode to Southwest Airlines

While I could write about how much I hate American Airlines (which I do - particularly at this moment), I am choosing to write about how much I love Southwest. I am grateful every day that Jason works there, not only because he loves his job, but also because it truly is an amazing company. Thus, my ode to Southwest.

Thank you for my free flights, particularly when I get my three previous ones with American cancelled.

Thank you for your friendly service, it really made my awful night/day better. From the gate agents to the flight crew, it never ceases to amaze me how amazing your employees are.

Thank you for the yummy snacks :)

Thank you for not canceling ANY flights (no matter how late you had to work) and not stranding literally thousands of people. As a side note, I waited an hour and a half for a cab...just to give you an idea of how many people were stranded by American.

Thank you for picking up the tab IF flights get cancelled and not making people pay out of pocket.

Thank you for my free bags (and for not sending my bag to can it get there but I can't. Hmm).

Finally thank you for creating a culture that makes people happy. Southwest customers are just so much nicer than any other I have encountered.

As a side note: Due to aforementioned cancellations, we are on our way to Denver this weekend! So thankful SWA got me out of Chicago and that I don't have to spend my weekend in O'Hare. My "confirmed seat" to Boston was supposed to be at 10:00pm thanks. Hopefully my bag arrives in Denver by tomorrow!

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