Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break Woes

For those of you wondering how our trip went, we completely forgot to factor in Spring Break! You know you're getting old when Spring Break doesn't even cross your mind. Needless to say, there were literally no 2 seats open going ANYWHERE Southwest flies. And we were willing to travel anywhere...It worked out fine though. We ended up having a nice relaxing weekend at home.

Our next trip is in a few weeks - I'm getting super antsy though. I'm so spoiled by travel now!

Also, our big trip for this year is decided! Our good friends, John and Mal, are moving to PARIS (France, not Texas), so we're going to go visit them once they get settled in later this summer/fall. I'm SO excited about this trip! Jason's been to Paris for a work trip once, but I've never been (besides the airport). 

I'm really hoping that we can see a few other countries while we're there as well. Up high on my wishlist are Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

Until next time!

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