Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Went For a Run!

So, no travel this week, but it was still exciting since I ran my first 10K (6.2 miles)! My friend, Kelly, and I have been training for this for a few months and yesterday was the day that we tackled the Cowtown 10K!

My goal was to finish in 1 hour and 15 minutes. My secondary goal, which I really never thought would be possible on my first attempt, was to run the entire way. Well, we did BOTH! We finished in an hour and 12 minutes (11:30 mile) and we only took a quick hydration break (20ish seconds) at mile 4. Kelly was a great running partner - we kept each other motivated and at a good pace. Thanks Kelly! Thanks ALSO to Jason for coming out and supporting us at 7am (and being a great photographer).

This is us right about to finish!

So, I have asthma pretty bad. This made the first few months of training TORTURE. Once I pushed past it (when I started running around 4 miles), it actually became fun. I would definitely encourage everyone who can run to do it! It's amazing!

It's honestly a GREAT feeling to be so proud of something that I've worked so hard for. I'm not stopping here either! I'm looking forward to running many more 10Ks; the ultimate goal is a HALF-MARATHON! I'm thinking the Bryan-College Station race in December sounds like a perfect fit. I even think Kelly and her husband will be running it too!

Back to traveling in 2 weeks! We're thinking Key West, but who knows where we'll end up! Thanks for reading!

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